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How To Hit The G-Spot

X Marks The Spot: How To Hit The G-Spot

Is it all just a wild goose chase? Or is it an unopened gateway to orgasmic heaven? If so, can you even find it? Will you ever know how to hit the G-spot?

If you've ever searched or chatted with a pleasure pro about where to find G-spot, you've probably heard the word "elusive" tossed around it. Apparently, the G-spot is harder to find than Waldo in a Where's Waldo book.

But let's be real, hearing all this might make you feel like giving up on your quest to how to hit the G-spot, whether it’s yours or your partner’s. Plus, there's always that debate of whether the G-spot is even real or just a myth created to make women feel inadequate. So, why do we keep talking about it? Is it all just a wild goose chase?

G-Spot: Hotchpotch Or Top Notch

The infamous G-spot that we've all heard about is real, but hold your horses, it's not the one-spot wonder we thought it was. Studies showed that this pleasure point is a bit of a chameleon, it can show up in different spots and sizes for different folks, and it doesn't always lead to fireworks. And get this, it's not even really a "spot" per se, but more like a special zone that's closer to the clitoris and can feel extra-amazing for some people. 

For some lucky souls, knowing how to hit the G-spot can lead to mind-blowing full-body orgasms and even squirting (yup, you heard me right). But for others, it might just feel like an urge to pee or even uncomfortable sensations.

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Let The Hunt Begin!

Unfortunately, there's no map with a big ol' X to lead you straight to the g-spot. But fear not, because the path of how to find and how to hit the G-spot pleasure is through self-exploration and patience (aka masturbation). Of course, your partner can join in on the journey of discovery, but some things are just better done solo. So, set the mood with some sexy tunes, maybe light some candles, and indulge in ethical porn or erotica.

Once you're feeling hot and bothered, grab some lube and explore how to reach the G-spot! Don't just go for deep penetration - feel around and experiment with what feels good. The g-spot is said to be about 2 inches in and 1 inch upwards, but it can move around, so keep up the search! Use your fingers or a massager to try the 'come hither' motion while exploring. And when you finally strike gold, keep the stimulation going!

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Can Your Partner And Your G-Spot Be Besties?

Absolutely! Just make sure your partner knows cliteracy,  the lay of the land, and is willing to work while you guide them all the way. It can be the best birthday gift for a wife! It might take some practice, but trying out sex positions for women like X marks the spot (duh!), cowgirl, doggy, spooning, and good ol' missionary can help you both hit the jackpot. 

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Remember, the goal isn't necessarily to reach an explosive orgasm (although that's always a plus). It's about enjoying the journey and those newfound sensations.

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