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Why We Love To Love Valentine’s Day

This Hallmark holiday might have a bad rep for being too commercialised. While gifts and cards are a nice (and non-essential) bonus, there are so many other reasons to love this holiday.

There’s one lesson that we’ve all learnt from the last two years: Love your people as much as you can, and however you can. After months of isolation bordering incarceration, and close calls with Corona, we’re finally living in a world where we can hug and kiss again. Dealing with heightened stress and immeasurable loss has really taught us what matters. So welcoming a day entrenched in capitalism might seem naïve and nostalgic. And yet– Valentine’s Day feels like a familiar solace. An excuse to be happy. A chance to immerse ourselves in joy and pleasure. God knows we need it! 

We at MyMuse have made it a point to make hay (or gay) while the sun shines. So here are our top reasons to celebrate love this V-Day (and every day we can). 

Nineties Nostalgia

Valentine's Day. Cupid. Flowers. Cards. Toys. It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is this February 14, V-Day is a magical time to show someone you care about how special they are. Many might find it cliché and commercial, but at its core it’s a day about love in all its gorgeous glory. If you ask us, there’s nothing wrong in showing a little bit or a whole lotta love every chance you get. Whether it’s tamagotchis or low rise jeans, we millennials love to love a good throwback. Which is why there is still something so magical about receiving a hand-written card.

No offence to animojis and After Effects– But knowing that someone took the time and effort to hand-pick a card and fill it with sweet-nothings can sometimes mean more than an over-the-top gesture. 

Call us cheesy and roll your eyes all you want. But when bae plays a nineties classic and hands you a note, you’re going to blush too.

Love Languages Galore

Love is a many-splendored phenomena, so they say—but it’s also wildly complicated.  As we’ve discussed before, expressing love means different things to different people. It’s all a matter of preference as long as there are sexy sparks and full body massagers thrown in for good measure. This Valentine’s Day (or any day!), celebrate प्यार  by sending your partner/ parent/ sibling/ BFF/ barista a little something that speaks to your love language.

Toss the trends, chuck the chocolates and stand out of the crowd in the way you love to love. Whether it’s going full-on sub or bringing them a meatball sub, take the plunge and have some fun celebrating l’amour.

Not Just For Lovers

Valentine’s check list with one point: YOU

The day of love doesn't necessarily need to be about the love that's shared solely among the kind of couples you see in cheesy rom-coms. We've evolved past that singular, old-fashioned definition of love with the creation of things like Galentine's Day, as well as our changing thoughts about the necessity of relationships. It's 2022, and by now, we know that healthy, fulfilling love isn't an exclusive club for those in monogamous, committed typical relationships. 

For some people Valentine’s Day can be all about self-love. Enjoying your company, reading a good book or exploring pleasure with yourself are just as valid. We’re so over with V-Day being labelled as a day for those who are “boo-ed up.” So take yourself on a date,  put time off for a solo session with your favourite full-body massager and be your own Valentine. Because you deserve all the love in the world. And then some.

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