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What Is Fexting & Why The Digital Duel Is Bad For Your Love

If you think "Why throw punches when you can throw words?", this one's for you! Discover what fexting means & why you must keep your angry fingers to yourself!

We've all been there – staring at our screens, fingers poised above the keyboard, ready to unleash our frustrations with every tap of the keys. Yes, I'm talking about fexting, the art of fighting or arguing over text messages. So, what does fexting mean in a relationship? It's like a verbal duel in the digital age but with text messages instead of swords. Let's dive into this modern phenomenon, explore why it's bad, when it might actually be good, and how to handle it without losing your cool.

What Is Fexting

It is a delightful blend of "texting" and "fighting," which refers to those heated arguments that play out via text messages. In a world where a simple "K" can unleash an avalanche of emotions or forgetting to get a birthday gift for your wife or partner can cause irreparable damage, fexting has become the accidental art form of modern communication. 

A woman saying it sucks


Why Fexting is Frown-Worthy

It might seem convenient – you don't have to face your opponent's immediate reaction – but it's a recipe for disaster. Words lack the context of body language and tone, bringing out passive-aggressive behavior & leading to misinterpretations. The result? Escalated conflicts, hurt feelings, being friend-zoned, and a trail of heated chat bubbles. It's a surefire way to strain relationships, whether with friends, family, or that person you swiped right on. Sometimes it is better to light Spark soy wax-scented candles and meditate. 

When Fexting Makes Sense

Surprisingly, there are instances when fexting isn't all doom and gloom. It can provide a platform for introverts or people with hot tempers to express themselves better, giving them time to think before responding. Even couples in long-distance relationships who don’t get to enjoy many in-person date nights or use first-night kit together can benefit from this.  And that’s because it is either between fight-texting or bottling everything up until you meet. Just remember, there's a fine line between assertiveness and aggression.

A man saying he is calm


Navigating the Fexting Minefield

It isn’t easy to walk the tightrope of read receipts. So, here are a few pointers for you to fight over texts safely-

Banish Caps Lock

TYPING IN CAPS LOCK IS LIKE SHOUTING IN A LIBRARY. Keep it lowercase to avoid unintentional digital decibel escalation.

Mind Your Tone

Since text lacks vocal nuance, be clear and precise in your choice of words. Avoid overly sarcastic or ambiguous statements or accusatory tone. Prefer to share what you feel or think from your perspective only.

Take a Breather

If the conversation heats up, step away for a moment. A few deep breaths can prevent you from sending messages you might later regret. Even deleting them for everyone won’t help you.

Emoji-fy Your Emotions

Emojis are your allies in this arena, depending on the intensity of your argument. They're like the body language of text messages – a wink can soften the sass and a thumbs-up can defuse tension.

Know When to Call It

If the fexting continues with no resolution in sight, consider picking up the phone or meeting face-to-face. Some conversations are just too complex for texts.

A man is on a call


The Text's Endgame

In a world where screens dominate our interactions, fighting over texts is an inevitable pitfall. But if you do fall for it, just make sure you have the best lubricant gel & oils from MyMuse to smooth things over. Remember, a well-timed phone call or a face-to-face chat is worth a thousand texted words. So, next time you find yourself in a fexting frenzy, take a step back, evaluate the situation, and decide if it's worth continuing the verbal fight or switching to a more effective form of communication. After all, when it comes to relationships, emojis can only do so much!

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