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What Is A Quickie- Why Do It The Quick & Spontaneous Way?

Sex doesn't need to be durable like most people think. And that's what a quickie is- a non-durable but highly enjoyable way of partnered pleasure. A quick hit-and-run, if you may.

Long nights of passion, hours of moaning, or multiple rounds- isn't that the best way of enjoying sex? From condom companies prioritizing that idea in their marketing campaigns to the general public putting that as the mark of a great sexual session, one question begs an explanation, ‘what’s wrong with a quickie?’ It is described as a brief act or instance of sex. Busy peeps, parents, or new lovers who get less time together, all are grateful for them. If you haven't tried it yet, let's dive into the reasons why you should give it a try.

A Medicine To Your Mood

A quickie a day keeps the bad mood away. When you are having a long tiring day and need a quick break from all the frivolous feels, the occasional wham-bam is a really underrated remedy. That 10-minute quickie sesh can be the one that lifts your mood and stress away, as the intense orgasm and happy hormones succeedingly relax you to end the day well.

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Adventure Time!

When you think of what is a quickie, the first thing that you assume is that it lasts not more than a few minutes. And how awesomely right you are! You can take advantage of having a quickie, anytime, anywhere. Be it a car, the shower in the gym, um…or your kitchen counter too! And if you are feeling especially motivated and adventurous, don’t let being in a public space be the wet blanket either, because where there’s a chance, there’s a quickie!

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No Naked Needs

Another extremely quirky advantage of a quickie is that it lets you be as creative as you desire it to be, with minimal effort. You don't have to undress fully to be able to enjoy each other. Slipping a hand in or getting just enough space to connect works well to spice things up! So, if you ever think, ‘what is a quickie’ again, think creative license.

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Juicy Intimacy

Leading busy lives has become the norm nowadays and this may often barely get your and your partner's intimate juices flowing. Add kids to the combo and all you are left with is the idea of getting it on while your libido gathers dust. All this may gradually lead to distance between the two of you, but you can solve it by dipping your toes in the quickie pool. You could even build intimacy the way you want to, fresh and anew with the quick quickie spark.

Confidence Booster

Quickies do a wonderful job of giving you the confidence boost that you didn’t know you needed. Because the knowledge that your partner desires you anytime, anywhere is nothing short of a dopamine kick. So, if you want to express how much you desire your partner, do not shy away from a quickie. And if you want to take it a notch far, get yourselves a full body massager like Palm. Trust me, apart from any possible orgasms that you both may have, desire will never be a background character in that affair.

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