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Welcome to MyMuse.

We’re India’s first bedroom essentials brand, crafting products for easy intimacy, your way. Wondering what that means?

In short, we’re building simple, beautiful wellness products for all people.

Based off real insights into what you want in the bedroom. Think natural lubricant that actually feels good to use, and massage oils and candles that set the mood just right.

Why? MyMuse was born out of frustration -

For too long, sex has been swept under the rug in India, despite the fact that most Indians are doing it.

Indian society remains fragmented between the ‘modern’ and the ‘traditional’, the ‘respectable’ and the ‘racy’. As though having (and enjoying) sex makes you one or the other.

Like most Indians, we grew up in environments that limited sexual education and stifled expression (remember that one painful sex-ed class in school?). In our society, having sex before marriage is a covert operation. Yet the pressure to have babies right after marriage is real. Sex is seen more as an outcome or a mundane expecation, rather than an individual journey or experience (more on that here).

Generational shifts are taking place, but the idea of discussing sex openly, especially your own sex life, remains taboo.

As a result, sex as a category hasn't developed or matured.

It’s basically stayed the exact same for the last 50 odd years.

The few sexual wellness products available in pharmacies are outdated and crass - more like an afterthought than something we’d actually want to use. They’re awkward to buy and unpleasant to use (yes Uncleji, I am buying condoms, thanks). And worst of all, they represent an idea of sex that’s gendered, vulgar and not even close to how we think about it today.

We believe that sex is a natural (and amazing) part of life. It’s what makes us human.

And so we built MyMuse.

To change the way we approach intimacy– both as individuals, and as a society. We believe that the products we use in the bedroom matter. And that sexual wellness should no longer take a backseat. Because it’s a seriously important part of your mental, physical and emotional well being (plus, it feels great too).

Our mission is simple– to make intimacy easy, approachable, and fun for the modern Indian.

So join us.

Let’s take our sexual wellness more seriously. Let’s normalize conversations about what happens in our bedroom. Let’s be better communicators, better lovers, better humans.

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** This article was written by MyMuse Co-Founders, Anushka & Sahil Gupta, in an effort to be fully transparent with our community. If you have thoughts, questions, or feedback, please write to us at –


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