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Funny Sex Toy Stories

These 10 Cringey Sex Toy Stories Will Keep You ROFLing

We’re all about self-love but our sex-toy stash can sometimes land us into some crazy and uncomfortable situations. But, in hindsight, these mortifying moments can be super funny!

For many of us, getting a massager isn’t the tough part - it’s the possibility of someone discovering our secret stash, that keeps us awake at night. Of course, that isn’t the case with our discreet-looking full-body massagers like Pulse, but there have been some LOLs and cringe-worthy moments with other massagers. From awkwardness with airport authorities to mischievous pets getting into the action, these stories will have you laughing and possibly even wincing. So, grab your popcorn and let's have a good laugh as we explore these sex toy snafus that we’ve compiled from Whisper, Twitter, and an anonymous poll!

1. This Hair–Raising Blunder

sex toy disguised as a hair curling iron

source: Whisper

2. This Mobile Mishap

vibrator used as a mobile phone

source: Whisper

3. BRB... Changing My Address Again

found female sex toys hidden under a sofa

source: Twitter 

4. Baggage Botch-Up

vibrator sex toy caught at the baggage counter at the airport

source: Twitter

5. Kitchen Un-Confidential

mom found sex toy on kitchen counter

source: Twitter

6. We Bet It Was A “Facial Pore Massager” (IYKYK)

sex toy disguised as electric face massager

source: Twitter

7. Hope They Were Actually Clean, At Least

mom found a sex toy in bathroom, told her it is an electric face scrubber

source: Twitter

8. NGL, That’s Pretty Mortifying

mom found sex toy on the floor

source: anonymous NGL submission

9. That’s…Ruff

dog fetched the female sex toy instead of his toy

source: anonymous NGL submission

10. The Easter Bunny Sure Did Get Her Hoppy Ending

daughter thought rabbit vibrator is a toy

source: Whisper

We bet you too have a funny story involving your favourite full-body massagers. These mortifying moments are obviously way funnier in retrospect. It’s important to remember that while these stories may cause some embarrassment, there should be no shame in seeking self-pleasure and expressing one’s sexuality!

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