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A big yellow chilli lying flat on the floor

The foreplay game.

If you’ve been faithfully reading our blog these past few weeks, you’ll remember that foreplay is quite the hot topicTLDR: Whether you call it fondling, fooling around, or foreplay, this precursor to sex plays a vital role in making sure that your playtime gets a four (or more) star rating. 

But it’s important to note, that just like sexuality, what counts as foreplay (or sex for that matter), exists on a spectrum. What does this mean?

Simply that what one person considers to be foreplay, may not be exciting, enticing, or inviting for another - and that's okay!

So what does this mean for you? It means the sky’s the limit, friends. As long as it makes your playtime smoother, satisfying and more sensual, nothing should stop you from exploring the unchartered territories of this delightful spectrum. Don’t worry if it doesn’t follow the “traditional” definition of foreplay - as long as you’re being safe and consensual, you should be just fine! Oh, and never feel forced or compelled to do something you don’t like. If that starts to happen, remember our motto: “When in doubt, talk it out!”

Okay now a little bit of fun. To help you get to know your foreplay style a little better, we present the most important part of today’s lowdown: our foreplay quiz! Do you wanna know where you fall on the risque rainbow? Find out below.

1. Foreplay for you is:

    • the ‘skip intro’ on a Netflix special. 
    • the trailer to my film. 
    • the appetizer to my main course.  
    • the most underrated thing to do in bed.

    2. In the bedroom, I find that my sexual pleasure:

      • is more important than my partner’s.
      • is less important than my partner’s.
      • matches my partner’s.
      • is exponential to how much my partner and I turn each other on.

      3. Do you prefer play times that are long drawn or get straight to the point?

        • I want the action, and I want it now!
        • Let’s meander for hours and get lost in it...
        • ...only if we can’t keep our hands off each other.
        • I love a long, drawn-out tease before we get anywhere near the bedroom.

        4. The best place for some foreplay is:

          • the bedroom, obviously.
          • maybe the sofa in the living room?
          • two words. Kitchen counter.
          • starting off in the shower.

          5. Do you enjoy kissing as foreplay?

            • What am I, a teenager? No, thanks.
            • Not my favourite thing to do, but I’d put my heart (and tongue) in for the greater good.
            • ‘Making out leads to making love’.
            • We lock our lips like we lock our bedroom door every night.

            6. ...and what about dirty talk?

              • What’s that?
              • OMG. So embarrassing.
              • I might have spun a wicked tale once or twice.
              • I need an Academy Award for my narratives.

              7. Do you enjoy giving your partner oral as foreplay?

                • Eww, gross.
                • Only if they ask very politely.
                • Only if they return the favour.
                • A single one-way ticket to downtown, please.

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                And here’s what your score says about you:

                If you skipped to the very end expecting to be graded based on your final scores, then PLOT TWIST - we’ve got news for you. There’s no score card here, only because there’s no one (right) way to dabble in foreplay. Like we’ve said before- you do you, boo.

                Some people like it hot and heavy, some like keeping it spontaneous, and some prefer the comforting solace of the slow burn; there’s (a safe) space for all kinds of lovers here, no judgements at all. As long as you make sure to keep your head in the right place (and maybe sometimes between your partner’s legs), you’ll be reaching the peak of your sexual crescendo in no time. Keep up the great work, you’ve (l)earned it.

                Until then continue reading Musings, and we promise more fun to come.


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