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That's What You Said: 10 Glowing Reviews We Loved

That's What You Said: 10 Glowing Reviews We Loved

From Glow Arousing to the Date Night Kit, we can’t get over your rave reviews, so feel free to keep ‘em coming.

At MyMuse we really believe that the customer is always right. We’d be kidding ourselves if we tried to argue that, especially with the number of glowing reviews coming in day after day. Our community is growing everyday and is an integral part of the process by which we bring you the best intimate essentials for your bedroom. So we thought we’d switch things up and let you do the talking for once. We’re turning the tables today and featuring your words on our blog. 

We’ve received hundreds of candid and glowing  reviews from our kind customers, and that’s exactly what we’re sharing today. 

Love for Pulse

“The massager works like magic on all body parts - so whether you’re looking for orgasms or stiff neck relief, you’ve come to the right place! I also liked that it didn’t hurt my wrist after extended use unlike many other toys in the market. 10/10 would recommend ❤️” 

Glide At First Sight

“As a first-time user [of Glide], even though I haven't tried any other lube, I feel like this could be the best one available. All its natural ingredients make me buy the product without any second thought. Love it so much!”

Glow Arousing FTW

“I was quite surprised by the fragrance of the oil. The smell of mogra combined with the other ingredients was something I kept coming back to even if just to sniff it. I think it's great for using as something to relax and get in the mood with. I would also use a few drops on my wrist just so that I could have the mogra fragrance lingering about when I went out. It is definitely divine.”

Date Night Kit Scores!

“Literally the perfect name for this kit! It’s completely changed up my date nights with my boyfriend, and given us something exciting to look forward to. The right combination of romantic and sexy. Definitely recommend to all those looking to spice things up.”

Getting Serious With Glow Arousing 

“This is my favorite massage oil I've ever used. It smells amazing, it's smooth and creamy, not sticky at all, and it's long lasting. The scent is subtle but definitely adds to the mood. This will be the only massage oil I buy from here on out.”

‘Nuff Said

“The Date Night Kit is the PERFECT gift for any couple looking to spice up their love life. Thank you Pulse and Spark for getting us in the mood!”

Elevated Experience

Glide is great to use, it has single-handedly banished my aversion to lubes. It’s so smooth, so generous, and I love the zero fragrance! Elevated my personal experience by a margin. Loved it! :)”

These were just a few of the glowing reviews sent in by our all too loyal customers. Feel free to keep ‘em coming because we want to do the same for you. 

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