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Spring For These Sexy Gifts For Her … And Thank Us Later!

Spring For These Sexy Gifts For Her … And Thank Us Later!

Find out why Glow Relaxing and the Date Night Kit are the gifts that keep on giving.

Whether it’s the sexy lace set she’s had her eye on or something fun for your nights in, you want to get your partner something special when a momentous day comes around. But why not get her something that you will enjoy too? There’s definitely no rule out there that says that you can’t enjoy the sexy gifts you get for her.

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t sow the seed in your head and just leave you hanging (pun intended). Steer your night in the right direction with these ideas, and you can thank us later. 

Destination: Date Night

Surprises never get old. Period. Picture this, she comes home after a tiring day, and you’ve pulled out the stops. Candles have scented the room, her favourite music is playing and you hand her a coupon for a massage by her bae. And to top it all off you’ve even got your massage essentials covered. Just a few drops of Glow Relaxing and she’ll be instantly transported to her favourite spa getaway. This relaxing massage oil stands apart because it is cold-pressed and all natural. We guarantee she will be enchanted when she smells it.

Fill Her Stockings With Something Naughty

We know this is a ‘sexy gifts for her’ cliché, but it’s rarely a miss.  Keep your eyes peeled for the kind of lingerie that your partner is into. Odds are they’ve even hinted at it. Order a slightly risque lingerie set to really take things to the next level. Knowing you think of her as a sexy goddess will have her floored.

When she least expects it, hand her our Date Night Kit and watch the full body massager become a staple in your bedside drawer.  

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Getting clean (and dirty)

It's extremely hard to feel sensual when you're stressed AF. So, if you want to have a more refreshing interlude, opt for bath salts which will be perfect for your much needed alone time with her. And if a sensual bath is what you’re after, opt for some strong and robust scents in your bubble bath, followed by a quick rub down with Glow Relaxing to leave her skin soft and nourished. Feel free to stay in your birthday suits for the rest of the night, and continue the fun with a relaxing massage.

What’s dating without a little fun?

Not all date nights are about getting the deed done. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s something so exciting about a good game of truth-or-dare. You can task the game with some deeply revealing questions or adventurous dares. You never know what you'll learn from a little tête-à-tête.

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