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Green typewriter drafting a document on sex education

Sex Terms We Wish Someone Taught Us Right

I wish someone had made me familiar with the various terms related to sex earlier in my life. Sometimes I still regret those ignorant years and how naive I was when trying to court partners. I have learned the error of my ways at last, and luckily for you, I don’t mind sharing.

Sex education is like a never-ending game of Jenga. Each block represents a different concept, from basic biology to more advanced stuff like sexual orientation, sexual wellness, and health. And just like Jenga, if you pull out the wrong block or misunderstand a move, it’s all gonna come crashing down. But no worries because we’ve got a short list of sex terms that you should know right. So, let’s get this party started, shall we?

It’s Not As Simple As A Blank Sheet Of Paper

When we first learned about the birds and bees, we were told about this concept of virginity. Virginity generally relates to an individual who hasn’t yet had physical intercourse. You remember how we were taught about the difference between male and female reproductive organs, right? Penises are a one-stop shop for peeing and partying but girls have different areas for both. Perhaps this is why there is no real way to measure male virginity. Or maybe it’s just the patriarchy doing its thing. Because when it comes to females, virginity is a sex term that is often associated with the hymen being intact.

Well, that is a myth, my friend. Because a hymen can rupture due to plenty of reasons outside of sex itself like sports injuries from horseriding or gymnastics. So, don’t let people tell you that you are not a virgin if your hymen is not intact. That’s like saying you are not a virgin just because you know how to ride a bicycle. 

Blue Ain’t Your Colour

It is more about a symptom that affects the male genitalia, an issue that is uncomfortable yes, but not usually serious. So, what exactly are blue balls you ask? It is something that occurs when an erection usually lasts for an extended period without reaching an orgasm. It’s a marathon erection without a medal. The symptoms of this usually include pain, discomfort, heaviness, and aching on the testicles. But don’t get me wrong, it is not something a person should use to make you do their bidding… or bedding. So, the next time you get blue balls after a night’s professional affair, just know that giving yourself a hand or distracting yourself by playing a game can save you!

A man playing video games

Happiness Is Not A Stereotype

Asexuality is just as fundamental as any other sexual orientation. The idea that an asexual individual just hasn’t yet found the right person who can help unlock their sexual desire and fix it is in the same ballpark as what people felt about homosexuality a few decades back. We all understand that a straight individual can’t change their sexual orientation into becoming a homosexual just by hooking up with someone of the same sex. The same applies to asexual individuals too. They are just not into the hanky panky stuff as much as they are into Netflix and chill.

A woman talking about Netflix and chill

Sex Is Sacred, Porn Is Entertainment

Sex education in schools is like learning how to cook from a cookbook without ever stepping into the kitchen and understanding that ‘experimentation’ is a thing. Most of us got our sex education from our friends or worse, porn. You must understand that what happens in pornography is done for the sake of entertainment and it is fabricated to provide fascination.  The real action is very, very, very different. So, it’s alright if you got your waking moment about most things sex from porn but always remember- if you saw it in porn, that doesn’t make it real.

Vegetables representing sexual activities

V For Vendetta (Kidding), Its Vagina

Now this is an endless list of myths about the vagina! Vaginas are not solely owned by females. Vagina and vulvas are different- vaginas are the tunnel while the vulvas are home to it all. Now let’s just talk about the labia- no two are alike just like snowflakes. Labia can be of different shapes, lengths, or sizes and is perfectly normal regardless of appearance. Do you know what else is normal? Respecting and loving that individuality!

Now that you know a little more than you did a few moments ago, what are you waiting for? I suggest you get to explore this newfound knowledge to enhance your wisdom and sex life. You know, get the practicals going. I would say that perhaps a full body massager like Pulse can be of great help in this quest for you and your partner.

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