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sensual massage techniques

Sensual Massage Techniques To Leave Them Wanting More

Try our favourite form of foreplay to release any tension and turn up the heat.


Nothing is more relaxing and sensual than a nice massage from your significant other. When you finally get a long weekend or a Saturday night with your partner, make the most of it. The soothing and sexy mood they illicit, helps you understand each other's bodies. It’s a great way to connect beyond the physical and hands down our favourite form of foreplay. So why not give it a go? No need to fret if you’re new to this because you won’t be an amateur in sensual massage techniques once you’ve read this.


Here are a few sensual massage techniques to help you and your partner relax:


Shiatsu Technique

The most basic of the common sensual massage techniques; it couples perfectly with Glow Arousing; an aromatic massage oil crafted to relieve stress and tension. Apply Glow and pressure to the body with your thumb while pushing, kneading, and moving your thumbs in a circular manner. Begin slowly, giving your partner time to relax before moving on to the erogenous zones. Massage your significant other's body for at least five to seven minutes and see where that takes you.


Kneading Technique

Ever worked with dough? Kneading is a pressure-based sensual massage technique that involves raising the muscle in circular and upward strokes. Typically utilized for deeper tissue massage, this method is beneficial to more meaty areas of the body, like your booty and thighs. You can perform this massage using your palms, working your way from top to bottom literally. While massaging, whisper sweet nothings to your partner and while tracing their body with soft kisses.

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Nuru Massage Technique

A rather risqué sensual massage technique, this is best enjoyed when both parties are in their birthday suit and soaked in an aromatic massage oil. This is a contact massage method in which you rub your body against theirs. You don't have to massage everywhere with your hands and you have the liberty to get creative. You can always use our Pulse full body massager to take things up a notch.

Tips to get you going:

  • Begin by lowering the lights to help set the mood.
  • Spark a scented candle your bae will appreciate.
  • Create a playlist with their favourite romantic music.
  • Using Glow Arousing to relax your body and calm the senses.
  • Make sure your partner is comfortable with the pressure and your hands are warm.
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