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Relaxing Massage Oil

Go For Glow As Your Next Relaxing Massage Oil

A good massage helps you bid goodbye to all your worries and eases you into relaxation. And what takes a massage from good to great? The right oil. Choose a relaxing massage oil with hydrating ingredients that is made to help you unwind, over one that will leave you smelling like an overdone cake. Glow (Relaxing) is the perfect way to show your body (or a partner’s) some much needed TLC. 

Here’s why you should go for Glow:

Clean and Green

With ingredients like avocado, marjoram, patchouli, myrrh and more, Glow Relaxing  is probably greener than your afternoon salad. This 100% natural blend of essential and base oils includes zero nasty chemicals and is free of dilution, making it safe for sensitive skin.

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Therapy in your Hands

Glow Relaxing massage oil is crafted with a handpicked range of essential oils, chosen for their aromatherapy benefits. So when you use Glow, its fragrances help you dial back the stress, release tension and engage your senses. One whiff sends you straight to cloud nine, we like to say. 

Shines your Skin

Not just your average relaxing massage oil from the local pharmacy, this luxurious oil was carefully crafted with base oils of Avocado and Grape-seed, that deeply moisturise and hydrate your skin. With a lightweight texture, the oil absorbs quickly and won’t leave you feeling sticky, but refreshed and relaxed.

Works All Over

Glow Relaxing is cold-pressed (like your juices), that allows it to retain all the enriching goodness of vitamins and minerals. This also makes it safe to use on your skin, hair and face too. Basically any part of the body you can massage. We suggest using Glow oil externally only, and avoiding eyes, ears, and inside your intimates.

Pro Tip:
In the last year, we’ve managed to bring everything home– from yummy coffee to our work desks, and everything in between. So why not create your favourite spa experience at home and treat yourself and your partner? Glow on, you've earned it.

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