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Bachelorette Gift Idea

Pulse: The Ultimate Bachelorette Gift Idea

Ditch those cringey phallic symbols, and bring the bride a gift that will keep on giving.

You’ve planned the trip, bought the bride-to-be sash, and even ordered the best bottle of champagne you could find. But like most people, if you’re fresh out of bachelorette gift ideas, you’re definitely not alone. 

If you’re close enough to the bride and really want to wish her a happy married life, take the plunge and get her something for the bedroom that will prioritise her pleasure– both during her bachelorette, and beyond. We’re not talking about those in-your-face dildos that you buy as a joke gift. It’s 2021 after all. We’re talking about something simple, chic and possibly one of the most unique gifts for the bride that you could find. Enter, the Pulse full body massager.

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Read on to see why Pulse is the ultimate bachelorette gift idea

Fits the bill

Made with platinum grade silicone, Pulse is sleek, slender, and beautiful - all the words that come to mind when you think bride. Don’t be fooled by its elegant and dainty look. This piece of beauty is powerful and effective with 5 vibrational speeds, just like a bride who packs a punch.

For the bride and their bride/groom

There’s no harm in thinking of the partner too, while coming up with a bachelorette gift idea. After all sharing is caring, right? Besides, Pulse could be rather handy for a new couple who is learning what works in bed. Combine it with a water-based lubricant like Glide for a match made in heaven, and give them the gift of pleasure & exploration together

Discreet and quiet

Pulse fits in the palm of a hand and can be stored in its discreet, suede pouch– Perfect to chuck into honeymoon luggage or even your tote for those spontaneous weekend getaways. It’s also quiet, with a max volume of 40 db, if your bride wants to get down and dirty while her partner sleeps soundly.

Naughty but not nasty

We bet you didn’t think about latex allergies when you were thinking about unique bachelorette gift ideas. Regardless, we’ve got you covered because Pulse contains zero BPA, lead, latex or phthalates and is safe to use for every single erogenous zone you can think of (just avoid inserting in the anal region, as Pulse doesn’t have a flared base).

Comes with buddies

Weddings are one place where we as Indians go all out with long lehengas, enormous events and fantastic food. Don’t let your bachelorette gift idea fall short of everything else. Let the celebrations continue even after everyone’s gone home, and give something that stands out, like one of our kits. There’s something for every occasion, from The Date Night Kit and The Getting Down Kit,  to our personal favourite for weddings The Grand Gesture Kit.

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