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Pulse Full Body Massager

What makes Pulse your go-to full body massager?

Full body massagers come in all shapes and sizes. And when it comes to finding the perfect one to unwind and enjoy with, we want to let you in on a little secret– size does not matter. In fact, when you’re looking for a sidekick for pleasure, you want something that works well, but still fits discreetly in your bedside drawer. Enter Pulse - a sleek, discreet, full-body massager that will make you feel ah-mazing! 

Here are 5 reasons why Pulse should be your go-to full body massager:

Finds Your Sweet Spots

Even though it fits in the palm of your hand, Pulse is a full body massager that can be used in versatile ways, and allow you to focus on all the sweet spots across your body. While it has been developed primarily for external stimulation, it can be used internally too (though not in the anal region). We recommend using it with a water-based personal jelly to avoid friction, and doing only what feels comfortable to you. 

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Sleek, Discreet, Beautiful Design

Pulse is a full body massager that is both stylish and discreet. With an ergonomically curved shape, Pulse allows you to feel the good vibrations wherever and whenever you want. Say bye-bye to garish, tacky massagers that look like they’re straight out of ‘That 70’s Show’. Pulse is ultra-lightweight, discreet, and fits your minimal-chic aesthetic to a T. Leave it on your bedside table without a second thought– it’s likely to blend right in with your tech products without raising any eyebrows. 

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Designed for Fun

With five adjustable speeds (including two exciting pulsing variants), this full body massager literally puts the power in your hands. Change it up, try something new, go fast or slow – this is your ride. Looking for new ways to liven up your self-care routine or your next romantic night? Look no further. Pulse will undoubtedly introduce a new level of pleasure into your life. This full body massager packs a powerful punch, while being compact and sleek.

One for All

Pulse is not gender-specific, and can be used by anybody. It works as well with a partner, on a partner, or on oneself! Say hello to erogenous zones you never knew existed, as you explore new sensations with this full body massager. PS - All those who are allergic to chemicals or synthetic materials need not fear, because Pulse contains no BPA, latex, lead or phthalates, and is crafted from 100% platinum grade, body-safe silicone.

Waterproof & Easy to Clean

Yes, Pulse is waterproof to IPX6 standards. So it’s great for a little splish and splash (shower self-pleasure anyone?), but it’s not the best idea to submerge it deep underwater. To clean up, just use a mild (alcohol-free) cleaning solution, or simply some good old warm water and soap.

Say goodbye to those clumsy, ugly massagers. Your bedroom products deserve to be beautiful as well. Pulse pairs best with Glide (check out the “The Getting Down Kit”) or with our luxe Spark candles (check out “The Date Night Kit”). Glide is our natural water-based lubricant that smooths everything out.

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