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Pastime Pleasures, AKA Romantic Bedroom Games

Pastime Pleasures, AKA Romantic Bedroom Games

Dive into a world of romantic & raunchy adult games. 

Did you know– The most purchased A-rated gift products include bondage kits and sex swings for men, and sex dice for women. It seems clear that the one thing people love even more than sex, is to spice up their sex life!

You might be wondering what exactly are these games and how do they help?
Romantic bedroom games, or adult games, are sexually explicit or suggestive games that people can play with their partners and even friends. People often get stuck in a routine, and these games allow you to take a break and shake things up. Most times, this results in exploring a new area of intimacy that you may have otherwise ignored.

We tried and tested countless romantic bedroom games to spice up your love life, so you wouldn’t have to! Read on to find our favourites that can help you step up your bedroom game (pun intended).

5 Games We Love

Wheel Of Foreplay

Available for free, and with 5 different pack options to choose from, this is the GOAT of romantic bedroom games. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or want to explore sensory experiences, they've got you covered! Some examples of dares include:

- “Open the windows and see who can wake the neighbours with the loudest fake orgasm noise.”
- “Find something soft like a feather or a glove and massage your partner’s body with it”
- “The Spelling Bee: Choose a three-syllable word and have your partner spell it on the body part of your choosing with their tongue.”


That’s What She Said

The best card game for an outrageous night with friends, and if you’re daring enough, family. It’s like a sexy version of Cards Against Humanity. In fact, we’d go as far as calling it Cards For Humanity, because it’s hilarious and doesn’t offend anyone. Some examples include:

- “Things you regret texting your ex after midnight”
- “If I had to guess my last words would probably be”
- “My new Youtube channel is called”
- “The worst pick up line I’ve ever heard in a bar was”

Check and Mate

If you’re not a big fan of cards or online games, this board game is for you! You have to roll the dice and do whatever act is written on the block you land on. This cheeky romantic bedroom game is so cool that it continues even after it ends. The winner gets to be the “master” for the night, and can select 5 tasks that their partner has to do.

Home-made Bedroom Dice

Instead of spending money on expensive dice games, why not get creative and make your own? The benefits include: saving money, thinking outside the box, and freedom to switch up the game whenever you want. You can have it ready in 4 quick and easy steps:

- Print how many ever dice shapes: 4 or 6 allows for more variety
- Write your category specifics including: body parts, time, location, toys, actions, positions
- Fold the paper along the lines, cut and paste.
- Get wild!

Make Your Own

This one is our personal favourite. To turn things up a notch, you can bring a dose of sexy playfulness into any kind of other activity you enjoy doing with your friends/ partner(s). Some examples include:

- “For every drink you finish, take off a piece of clothing”
- “If you go for a shower first, I’ll go down on you”
- Blind fold the other person, put a couple of sensual items on their body (ice, oil, chocolate) and get them to guess it
- Invest in a Kama Sutra: open the book to a random page and try a position.

Warning: sex is a weapon, use it wisely ( fun > fights)! Try these romantic bedroom games yourself, and watch the sparks fly.

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*This article was written by MyMuse team member, Radhika Poddar. 
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