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Leos Will Get More Head: Intimacy Horoscopes 2022

A quick look into what your love and intimacy horoscopes have in store for you according to your zodiac signs for the rest of 2022.

2022 has been the year of relentless meme moments coming to life so far. But if you’re someone who’s into zodiac signs and still looking for a ray of hope this year, here are your and your (potential) partner’s intimacy horoscopes for the year 2022 aka your dose of healthy validations and affirmations on intimacy and relationship - a li’l something to help you navigate the rollercoaster that is 2022!

*Disclaimer of our take on astrology

This article is for people who like finding reasoning or order in zodiac signs or just people who casually use “That’s such an Aries thing” in daily conversations. 

Read on to explore everything from your Intimacy Tarot Reading for the year to fav erogenous zones, best positions, and bedroom buzzwords suited to your zodiac sign.


Bedroom Buzzwords: Self Love & Exploration

You can look forward to trying out your amazing manifestation prowess and stepping into your power. Not to mention that it’s actually Aries season this month, mid-March 2022 when the sun makes its debut in your sign, and you embark on another journey around it.

Now is the perfect time to take control of your own body and show it some good lovin.

You can definitely look forward to making inward reflections, realising self-worth, and a lot of DIY pleasure rituals this year.

Arousing Point: Head
Position: Sitting Lotus

Sign - Taurus

Bedroom Buzzwords: New Adventures & Experimentation

This year will require you to continue stepping outside of your comfort zone. The extrovert inside you is up for new adventures, so finding a date or a hot hookup is gonna be a breeze for you. As your planetary ruler, Venus, enters its sign of exaltation, Pisces. Venus feels very comfortable here, and you will, too.

Break out of your comfort zones in the bedroom and pursue bold (and even kinky) endeavours.

The stars this year are aligned for you to be feeling good and a cue to be basking in this solid energy for a while.

Cheers to new adventures, here’s something you might want to take a look at: How To Introduce Toys In The Bedroom

Arousing Point: Neck
Position: Reverse Cowgirl

Sign - Gemini

Bedroom Buzzwords: Emotional Intimacy

This year has all the right cards for you to make new connections or reinvigorate old ones. Whether you’re on a series of hot new dates or sending flirty texts to your old crushes, you’re prone to look for emotional connections. A solar eclipse in Taurus will touch down in your karmic 12th house of forgiveness on April 30, followed by a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This is bound to prompt the need for emotional intimacy in the bedroom.

Dive deep into your feelings to crank up your sex life.

The future holds all the emotional connections you’ve been craving for this year. So get ready to Spark a deeper bond.

Arousing Point: Arms
Position: Doggy Style

Sign - Cancer

Bedroom Buzzwords: Inner Reflection

You’ve been waiting all this while to take your own pleasure into priority list A and now’s your turn! You’ll find the courage to put yourself first, which will make the wait worth it. Trust us, knowing your needs and embracing your desires is gonna take you a long way (Re: your future sexcapades)

A healthy mind will lead to a hella great time in bed.

A lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8 will close out the year and bring clarity on what you really want in the bedroom.

Arousing Point: Chest & Breasts
Position: Missionary

Sign - Leo

Bedroom Buzzwords: Strong Bonds

This year forecasts the formation of some super sexy bonds in your life. It's important to note that Venus — symbolic of love, relationships, pleasure, and value systems — will begin 2022 retrograde in Capricorn. So your bedroom rituals might take a turn for the better. Aka you’re ready for a well-deserved shakin up in your sex life.

You’ll discover a more passionate and powerful version of yourself.

You’ll find the confidence to indulge in all your desires and hey getting heads is always on the cards for all my fellow-fierce Leos.

Looking for ways to spice things up? Well you just got lucky, you might like reading: Blindfolds For Beginners: Breaking Down Sensory Deprivation

Arousing Point: Spine
Position: Ballet dancer

Sign - Virgo

Bedroom Buzzwords: Passion and Pleasure

This year has all the potential for the vivacious Virgos to reach for the stars and explore your horizons. Mercury is joining lucky Jupiter in Pisces at the start of spring 2022, this also opens up opportunities to communicate and collaborate, so expect your one-on-one connections to thrive.

You’ll feel truly empowered to explore pleasure in fun & creative ways.

You can expect to feel a real connection this year, so keep your mind open to intimacy and all things good 🙂

Arousing Point: Stomach & Waist
Position: Spooning

Sign - Libra

Bedroom Buzzwords: Playful Eroticism

This is the year of healing and having fun with it for all the lovely Libras out there. You’ll see your relationship taking a shift this year. Now is the right time to expand your idea of pleasure. Your stars are all geared up to embark upon new adventures and try out new things.

The stars have aligned for you to up your game with some flirtatious fun.

HINT: Maybe it’s a sign to add a new toy to your pleasure arsenal. Whether you want oral-like arousal or jusr some good vibes. We’ve got you covered. 

Arousing Point: Butt & Lower Back
Position: 69

Sign - Scorpio

Bedroom Buzzwords: Romantic Rendezvous

This year you’re finally purging through all those setbacks and inhibitions that were holding you back in the bedroom. The year has already kicked off for Scorpios with lucky Jupiter transiting through Pisces and your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression is in the limelight. This might be the luckiest of the horoscopes in 2022.

Get ready to fully embrace your sexual impulses and embark on a romantic adventure.

This might mean a romantic getaway in the calendars for sexy Scoropios. Let your inner intimacy gods/goddesses out with MyMuse’s Game Night Kit

Arousing Point: Butt & Lower Back
Position: Standing Up 69

Sign - Sagittarius

Bedroom Buzzwords: Emotional & Sexual Healing

It’s been a long and tumultuous road but this year you’ll finally discover healthy intimacy. It’s time to ditch those meaningless hookups and pleasure-less one-night stands. This year you’ll take on a journey towards Prioritizing your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being.

You’ll take on a journey towards emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

Meaningful connections and emotionally intimate experiences are right around the corner for you. So sit back, get a good old massage with an aromatic massage oil and let destiny do its thing.

Arousing Point: Hips & Upper Legs
Position: Cowgirl

Sign - Capricorn

Bedroom Buzzwords: Sensual Love

Hang tight, because this year is gonna take your sex life to the next level. Mars — planet of action, desire, and energy — will also be in your sign, revitalizing and supercharging you with confidence and strength you need to open up and get comfortable with your body.

The universe is ready for you to open up to new romantic interests.

Fasten your seatbelts folks, because you’ve got a busy, fun and spicy year ahead.

Arousing Point: Knees
Position: Sofa Straddle

Sign - Aquarius

Bedroom Buzzwords: Magical Fantasies

Bringing your wildest fantasies to life is really in the cards for you this year. Finally, you can fully step into your most authentic, loving self. Your sign is aligned to open you up for unconventional ideas of pleasure and you might even love it.

Experiment with your deepest desires and unleash your inner sex gods/goddesses.

It’s the year of experimentation and following your inner instincts in finding what works for you in the bedroom. So go crazy!

Arousing Point: Calves & Ankles
Position: Standing rear entry

Sign - Pisces

Bedroom Buzzwords: Dirty Loving

You’ll see your dirty side in action this year. And we suggest you go with the flow and embrace your sexy alter-ego in all its glory. Be it new fantasies or raunchy role-plays, your zodiac is set on tapping into your sensual desires.

Discover the sensuous alter-ego to spice things up in the bedroom.

Let your fantasies run wild with My Muse's Wink eye mask for Sleep and Play.

Arousing Point: Feet
Position: Sideways straddle

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