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Kissing goodbye to 2020.

Dear 2020, Thank You, Next…

As Indians, our relationship with sex (and talking about it) has always been…complicated, to say the least. Sure, everyone is “doing it”, and if our Google search results were laid bare, you’d also realize that everyone seems to have a million and one questions about it (how do I have good sex? What’s a kink? Does this count as a fetish? Should I wear a condom? How do I wear a condom correctly? What’s that weird smell…. the list goes on). And that Google search history clearly speaks volumes about our own sexual histories.

But when it comes to actually discussing our sex lives (honestly), there's only radio silence.

“What’s there to ask”, the nation nervously giggles, “What people do in bed is strictly their business”. Right? Wrong. For a country that prides itself on creating the Kama Sutra, we’re shockingly behind when it comes to being real about sex. In fact, unless it’s behind closed doors and even closer social circles, we usually don’t talk about sex at all (and no, that latest item number by Sunny Leone doesn’t cut it).

But here’s the thing, folks. Sex is natural. Sex is our business. Sex is a part of our every day existence. Sex is…well, what got us here in the first place. How can we talk about the #GiftOfGiving if we don’t talk about what…gives?

That brings us to the idea of a Kiss List. What’s a #KissList, you ask? With no further ado, here’s a list of five things we can officially kiss goodbye to as we slide into 2021:

1. Hushed conversations about sex.

Let’s bring conversations about sex right where they belong: out in the open. At dinner tables. Family gatherings. Wine soirees. Whatsapp groups. Wherever it needs to be. And no, we’re not saying you need to air your dirty laundry, but just acknowledging the fact that sex is normal is a huge step in itself. Because if we want our kids (and their kids) to grow up in a world where sex is removed from shame, it begins with us.

2. Lacklustre orgasms.

Nuff said – We don’t have space for such negativity in our life. #SayNoToBadOrgasms.

3. Apprehensions in the bedroom.

…and beyond. Let's finally kiss all our sexual hangups away, and resolve to venture into the sexual wilderness as confident, charismatic beings. Because seriously, life is way too short for missionary with the lights off every single time. You’re a goddamn rockstar, time to start acting like it.

4. Judgey neighbourhood aunties (and other such extended relatives).

No one asked you for your opinion, Sima aunty. See you never.

5. Last, but not least, the year 2020.

…Thanks for showing up, but we really hope to never see you again.


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