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How To Stay Harder Better Faster Stronger

It’s hard staying hard but it won’t be if you read this article. 

Whether you’ve got a mate, date or chill and masturbate, as a penis-owner you’ve definitely googled the words ‘how to harder for longer’ at some point. And it’s a completely fair question to raise. With porn videos lasting at least a solid hour, you’re bound to have questions. Sexpectations aside, health choices or weak mental health might also have you thinking about giving your pillar and stones some love outside the bedroom. 

Here are the five things you can do so you never again have ask how to stay harder for longer.

Sweat It Out 


Man picking up weights in the gym

The gym is an amazing place, to be honest. It can help build careers and destroy a few (if you don’t use the proper form). The reps at your gym can actually help you rep it out inside your bedroom. Exercising is known to cut the risk of ED by 30% leading to an improvement in heart health. 

And what happens when your heart is in good health? 

You find it easier to fall in love.  Nah. 

It will pump your blood up faster. That blood is going to reach your penis. Your penis will then be the star of the show. 

Put A Ring On It

Animated gesture

You are exercising and pumping it up. But, a penis ring could work wonders. This ring is known to turn puppets into monsters and betas into alphas. Give your junior the love it deserves. Dress it up to perfection. And then add the icing on the cake by adding the some relaxing massage oil followed by some
teasing with toy if you so fancy.

Who knows, if this ring works, then a wedding ring might soon be on the cards. 

Shockwave Therapy 

Woman talking about therapy

The game is on. It is going to send shivers down your spine. 

Just kidding. 

It actually works. Low-intensity shock waves are applied all over your penis and research shows that there’s some evidence that the treatment stimulates stem cells. And if you’re a little too jolted after you can always take a load off with Glow Relaxing.

Doctor! Doctor! Help! Help!

Animated character of a doctor

Ok. There’s no shame. 

I repeat. There’s no shame. 

All you need is to go and ask your doctor how to stay harder for longer and guess what, they will always have an answer. And soon enough, you will take just what the doctor ordered and be the champ in the bedroom. 

Pills Can Help

Man getting tensed

We get it, taking a pill isn’t as easy as buying a 
relaxing massage oil which is why we left it at the end of the list. Although meds are known to have certain side effects, they might actually be your savior when times get (not so) hard. Till then, you can let glow relaxing do the job for you. 

Just make sure you get your heart checked before the meds help you rekindle the language of love. 

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