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How To Masturbate When You Don't Have Privacy

Here’s how you can get off, without sounding off any alarms. 

Self-pleasure is an intimate affair. It’s time we take for ourselves that teaches us what we like, and more importantly what we don’t like, when it comes to our body and the bedroom. It’s a way to connect with our inner self, in perhaps the most personal of ways. Unfortunately for a lot of us, we just don’t have the space or privacy to take that time to get lost within ourselves (without worrying about a sibling/parent/cat/household member barging in). 

The idea of someone disturbing your me-time can really rain on your parade and put you off from masturbation altogether. Nobody should feel like they have to skip (or rush) self pleasure just because there’s people around. That’s why being in an Indian household just means that you have to do some good old jugaad to learn how to get your rocks off even if you’re in close quarters.  

Here are a few tips on how to masturbate if you want to get off but not startle those around you.

Have a plan

Masturbating in a home that you share with parents, roommates or even kids can be daunting if there is little privacy. Survey your space– the amount of noise you can make, the time you can be left alone, whether or not you can clean up, will help you understand how to masturbate within the confines of your specific home.

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 Create a diversion

If you’re in dire need of some alone time, just tell those at home that you have to take a very important phone call and you don’t want to be disturbed. Tell them up front how much time you need, grab your laptop/phone, and lock the door behind you. Sometimes a little white lie is justified, if you desperately need the release. 

 Get a quiet portable buddy

If handy gadgets are your thing, spring for a full body massager that is  rechargeable and discreet. Rechargeable motors have a smoother reverberation and don’t rattle like battery operated ones. For example, Pulse fits in the palm of your hand and is waterproof; perfect if you wanna get off in the shower. Learning how to masturbate in the way you enjoy most can be made even more exciting with the addition of bedroom toys. 

Sound Check

It’s easy to get lost in the moment and let out pleasurable sounds, so it’s best to keep a pillow handy to muffle any moans. And if you’re looking for something handy that doesn’t make a racket, try Pulse. It tops out at 40 decibels which is lower than the drone of your AC or any music you might play in your room.

Try New Things

Learn how to masturbate using different stimuli, techniques and positions. Tried and tested discreet methods include audio erotica, Bluetooth controlled toys and experimenting in and with the shower ;) Of course it might seem a little silly at first, but that’s okay! When life gives you lemons, go make the best damn lemonade you can.

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