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Maintain Vaginal Hygiene

How to Maintain Vaginal Hygiene without a Zillion Products

We’re giving you the gup on how to maintain vaginal hygiene, and why you should reserve the self-care products for the rest of your body.

Vaginas go through a lot. From periods and sex, to childbirth and menopause. Not only do they house the miracle of life itself, but they clean themselves too. Much to the fortune of vagina-owners, this is one the few body parts that’s happiest when left alone, and doesn’t need a range of self-care products to keep it going. Read on to understand how to maintain vaginal hygiene in a way that’s easy on your body and your pocket.

She’s Got This

As if giving life and providing orgasms wasn’t impressive enough, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ that washes itself by producing secretions (commonly called vaginal discharge). The vaginal canal hosts a bunch of good bacteria in your vaginal microbiome that maintain an ideal (and slightly acidic) pH balance, keeping unwanted bacteria at bay.

Less Is More

For every part of the body, there’s an IG feed full of self care products out there to jumpstart it… vaginas included. These personal hygiene products promise to whiten, clean, and freshen up your vulva, treating it more like a rose garden than the low-maintenance bush that it is.

The fact of the matter is that these are unnecessary products steeped in misogyny, standing to cause more harm than good. You don’t need anything more than some simple garam paani to keep your vagina clean, and some mild soap to use on the external bits of your genitals (i.e your vulva). Vaginal whitening creams, washes, douches and fragrances are not necessary to maintain vaginal hygiene. On the contrary, using too many of these products can be detrimental, increasing your chances of infection. Not to mention the added kharcha to your existing expenses.

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Care For Down There

It doesn’t take a whole lot to learn how to maintain vaginal hygiene. Just let it do its own thing. But when it comes to your vulva, that self-cleansing function doesn’t extend. Thankfully all you need is some water and mild, unscented soap that is pH balanced. Save all the creams, cleansers and mists for parts of your body that are actually exposed to the elements.

Keep in mind these few tips for your sensitive bits:

  1. Always practice safe sex and use lube to avoid unnecessary soreness.
  2. If you’re putting anything inside your vagina, make sure you read the label. Ditch the artificially flavoured condoms, tampons, and lubes, and pick things that have ‘natural’ or ‘water-based’ in their ingredient list.
  3. We know it’s not the most fun activity, but get tested for STIs (when you change your partners) and schedule regular cervical screenings.
  4. While it’s great to share toys, remember to use it internally only for one partner and always wash toys before and after each use.
  5. Keep things easy and breezy by avoiding clothes that are super tight and switching out of sweaty workout clothes ASAP. Opt for cotton undies, especially in the warmer months. 
  6. And last but not least, no matter how tired you are, always pee after sex.
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