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How To Cure Nightfall- The Ultimate Zs & Undies Ruiner

Tired of unexpected nocturnal emissions? Say no more, fam! Here are some fail-safe tricks on how to cure nightfall & keep those nethers in check & sleep tight.

Nightfall is a serious issue that quite some men suffer from and wonder how to cure nightfall. For those who don’t know what is nightfall, it is when men ejaculate during the night or early morning while snoozing. A few reasons for this could be a fluctuation in hormones, a full bladder, sexual stimulation or a wet dream, and lastly just plain old stress. But if it persists and has deeper issues, you should consider visiting a doctor. They might be able to tell you if you have more serious problems such as the weakness in the muscles and nerves of the male member due to a history of excessive self-pleasure, and reduction in the viscosity of semen.

Nightfall by itself can be a pressing and messy issue and there’s no need to be alarmed if you get occasional nightfall. But it can bring along other more concerning issues if the occurrence lasts for a long time. Some including the likes of insomnia, memory and sight loss, weaker infertility, erectile dysfunction and even more stress. Some rare cases may even lead to passing urine and semen together. A scary thought no? And you might even be wondering about how to cure nightfall. Fret not, for we bring you some tips on how to stop nightfall permanently at home and rid yourself of any worries too.

Elevate Your Mind, Not Your Member

If you’re tired of waking up to wet sheets, try practising deep breathing exercises and meditation. They help in providing a soothing effect on the mind while also consoling the body and fruitfully reducing the occurrence of nightfall. All you need to do is sit or lie down comfortably and slowly enter a state of meditation where you let go of any thoughts and worries.

A man meditating on a mountain

Axe The Sex Content

Easily one of the best tips on how to cure nightfall is to avoid anything that might give your libido a big boost for a while. Yep, we’re talking about shielding yourself from any incoming traffic that is of a boudoir, steamy nature. Instead, why not substitute it with soothing music instead? Then, you might even gain more anti-nightfall points because it will actually ease your senses and your body. 

Sweat It

For those of you who are wondering how to cure nightfall with exercise, today is your lucky because we’ve got the deets! You see, one of the lesser-known benefits of diligently working out or hitting the gym is that it can help in reducing nightfall. Exercise can help in stress reduction and increase blood flow which in turn keeps your mind and body relaxed. So, say hello to sweat and goodbye to spurt.

A man struggling with an overflowing ketchup bottle

Gluttony Can Be A Sin

Diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and  self-care. Your nightfall issues can also be readily solved with a reasonable diet. Eat food that is rich in vitamins and minerals and includes a lot of fibre like fruits and vegetables. It can improve your health and well-being from top to toe, including your nightfall-producing orgasms. But by all means, do consult a health care specialist for a professional opinion.

Heat It, Don’t Beat It

One easy way how to cure nightfall is just taking a nice warm bath. A good relaxing soak in the tub before hitting the bed can put those unruly shots away. The point is, warm water helps relax your body and mind and can lead to a good night’s sleep. And if we haven’t stressed it enough in this article already, a relaxed body and mind are like solid plumbing to your nether pipes. So, keep those bath bombs ready!

A man relaxing in a bathtub


Nightfall is a concern that can affect men's health and well-being but above all, we understand that it can be hella awkward. However, with a combination of lifestyle changes that we have pointed out, curing it doesn’t have to be hard. But it’s important that you get professional help while trying these tips. And as far as relieving stress and tension goes, you can always count on the Beat stroker to help achieve that. You can get it for yourself, or as an anniversary gift for your husband or partner.

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