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How is your sense of smell connected to arousal?

How is your sense of smell connected to arousal?

Find out how aromatic massage oils could shake up your relationship with arousal.

Ever wondered why every single ad for perfume and cologne has a seductive vibe? Why does the model who sprays it become instantly irresistible? Does it imply a strong connection between your sense of smell and arousal?
Here’s what science says: Hell yeah! Of course there is! The term olfactophilia (also known as osmolagnia) refers to when an individual derives sexual pleasure from smells and odours. And chances are, the natural scent of your partner is what turns you on.

Sex and smell are a match made in heaven. Even Freud, one of the most renowned sociologists ever, asserts that odours are strong inducers of sexual feelings. Let’s take a deep dive!

A Sexy Ecosystem

This might seem complicated, but bear with us. When we sweat our bodies secrete chemicals that the microflora on our skin and hair consume, giving off scents that are individually identifiable. And our sense of smell, owing to these odours, stimulates the nerve endings, which triggers our libido. So, the next time you find your partner’s natural scent to be attractive, apart from your affection, remember that microflora might also be the reason behind it!

Does Your Arousal Have A Smell?

When we exercise, we mostly sweat through our endocrine glands. But when we feel embarrassed or sexually excited, most of us sweat through our apocrine glands that release high-density steroids under the arms and around the genitalia. Apart from this difference, there have been a plethora of studies asserting that men can distinguish between the scents of sexually aroused and non-aroused women.  That’s why when a woman raises her arms behind her head, the physical gesture is considered to be sexually arousing and provocative.

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The better your sense of smell, the more you enjoy sex.

Did you know that your nose just might be the sexiest organ on the human body? While men with a higher sensitivity to smell tend to have more pleasurable sexual activities, women with a better sense of smell are observed to have a higher incidence of orgasms during sexual intercourse. Also, much of the research done on sex and scent show how women’s reactions are dependent on their ovulation cycles. When women use birth control pills, their ovulation cycle and related hormones usually change. Hence, the scents they favour also change, leading to an immense impact on their arousal. This is why women not on the pill are often much more sensitive to odours, than women on the pill.

Natural boosts work

In the event you’re looking for a little sensory boost in the bedroom, you might want to reach for a little something that naturally spikes your sexual curiosity. Make your senses come alive with our Jasmine Ylang Spark candle. But if you really want a night to remember, try an aromatic massage oil for an intimate massage sesh with your partner, or on your own. Cold-pressed and packed with essentials oils, our Glow Arousing contains natural aphrodisiacs that will get you in the mood and instantly transform you in the sex god/dess of your dreams.

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