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For Your Ears Only: My First Time Trying Audio Erotica

I tried Audio-Erotica for the first time & I'm never going back.

We’ve all tried new things this past year, whether out of choice or need. I’ve baked bread, become a coffee connoisseur, done home workouts and mastered the art of enjoying my own company. So when a friend suggested I try out audio erotica, I was a little hesitant but curious. If nothing else, Netflix fatigue had me craving new forms of content.

Given the stagnancy of everything lately, it’s been rather tough to keep things interesting in the bedroom too. Some of us have doubled down on screen time with a trusted website, others have tried video-chats or online dating. I’ll be the first to say that my go-to method of masturbation has started to lose its sheen. But since I’m big on audiobooks and podcasts, this new recommendation quickly went to the top of my list.

You’re probably wondering… what exactly is audio erotica? Is it just recordings of people having sex? In short– no.

I like to think of audio erotica as Headspace, but in heat.

It’s sexually candid audio content which can take the form of a narrated scene, a guided solo sesh, or an age old fantasy woven together with impeccable sound design. Think louder breaths, zippers being undone and other ASMR-like sounds that give you a brain-gasm. It’s a turn on of a whole new sort… maybe even a little voyeuristic. There are a bunch of apps and websites to choose from, depending on your tastes and preferences.

Not wanting to get lost in a sea of choices, I dove headfirst into Dipsea– an audio erotica app designed for and by women. It had a plethora of options, most of which were about 10-15 minutes along. I skipped past the guided breathwork and wellness tabs, and picked an audio called ‘Swipe Right I’– I was immediately intrigued. The synopsis under the title explained I’d meet a girl named Sylvie who was going to show me what I was missing by always choosing men over women.

Not knowing what exactly to expect, I pressed play. It took a few moments to get on board with the first-person narrator format, but things got all too familiar as soon as the voice in the audio invited Sylvie, a personal trainer, over “to help finish a bottle of red.” For the first time ever, I felt like someone was voicing the inner monologue I have with myself on a date.

While I have watched porn before, I am not the biggest fan and have never really felt invested in what’s playing out on the screen. But with the audio, I felt like I was right there in the moment.

My imagination was filling in the visual gaps that were being set off by the auditory triggers of Sylvie’s words, breath and thrusts. None of the characters were cliché, just two women in an apartment, simply going at it. No delivery guy, no clichéd final shot– 

What made it refreshing was just how normal it was.

After the 11 minute audio ended, I took a few more minutes to finish, which is easily longer than my usual quick two minute rub down ritual. 

On exiting the app, I was left with a broad grin on my face, goosebumps down my hands, and that floating-on-a-cloud feeling that I haven’t felt for a long time.

Take a Crack At It

Like most sexual experiences, audio erotica definitely gets better the more you do it. And from the looks of it, there’s something for everyone. If you’re tempted to delve into this erotic landscape, here are some pointers to get you started:

- Make sure to use speakers or headphones for a truly immersive experience
- Set the scene by lighting a candle with calming smells, to really get you in the mood
- Try out different audios that pique your curiosity
- While listening, try to get out of your head, and let your imagination guide you
- Set aside time to prioritise your pleasure, just like you would for your morning meditation or skincare

While audio erotica is just one of many different forms intimacy can take, in my opinion it’s definitely one worth trying. It gives you an opportunity to get out of your head and your usual way of doing things, giving you space to explore yourself and engage your senses in an entirely new way.

So this #MasturbationMonth why not take your pleasure in your hands… or well, ears. Happy listening!


** This article was written by one of our anonymous contributors. A Mumbaikar at heart, she enjoys fighting for justice, walking her puppy and experimenting with new hairdos.


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