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Decoding Those Wet Vivid Dreams

WARNING: You might start sleeping on your belly after this.

YES, you can experience a wet dream and you DON’T have to be a teenage boy to experience ’em. ICYMI, wet dreams are also called nocturnal emissions (great band name right?). It’s basically an experience of sexual arousal leading to a sudden jump in your breath, an increased blood flow to your genitals. Sometimes followed by an orgasm. All this, but in your sleep. Just FYI, anybody with genitals can experience an orgasm in their sleep. So, if you ever wake up even slightly aroused after a dream full of steamy sex scenes,  you’re not alone!

Why Do Wet Dreams Happen?

Lady Gaga dances in the rain

Psychologist and sexologist Laura Duranti believes the quality and content of your vivid sex dreams depend on who you are and your relationship to your sexuality. Duranti finds that our brain doesn't completely detach from reality during sleep, but "integrates the external stimuli it receives”, like the temperature or the room we're sleeping in, or what (or who) we're touching.

Sleeping position is important, too. “Some studies, like one by Calvin Kai-Ching Yu from Hong Kong Shue Yan University, suggest that sleeping on your belly encourages erotic dreams,” Duranti said. Sleeping on your stomach restricts your breath and puts pressure on your genitals, basically reminding your brain of the sensations you feel during sex. When intense enough, this can give some people an orgasm or get them really close to one.

Are These Dreams Normal? 

Totally! But remember, it’s also absolutely normal not to have a wet dream and/or not to remember having one. So next time you’re dreaming about having multiples with a full body massager, don’t freak out. Enjoy the ride like so many others have. Experiences range from full body orgasms, getting a hard-on, to waking up just on the brink. Some vulva owners have even said their encounters were even better than the real thing. 

What Do They Mean?

As simple as it sounds, it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all process. And, while you may feel the urge to decode your vivid dreams, it’s better to focus on the symbolic representation of your dreams. If you try to break down your dream into a story, it may help you to focus on experiencing the feelings in your dream and about where the energy of the dream is leading you.

Not all sex dreams are necessarily about sex. It's important to remember that sex dreams aren’t always an expression of our deepest and darkest desires. Often, it's simply our brains making sense of what we've experienced that day. 

Movies we've seen, characters in books, and even songs can all evoke sexual fantasies when we're asleep. So the next time your dream features the tender moment with a sexy alien – just go with it. It might not mean anything at all. 

Jerry the mouse cozies up to an alien

But say you have woken up with visuals of sweaty bodies moaning and groaning. Don’t ignore all that sexy stimuli. We’d recommend you make lemonade with a little help from Pulse. Turn on this full body massager and give yourself the happy ending that your dream left you craving.  

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