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Cheeky Confessions: What Is Voyeurism & Why It Is My Fav Kink

Give voyeurism a shot and you might find a new side to yourself. I mean, who knows, it can be a real eye-opener!

Disclaimer: The following article is not entirely fictional and was submitted anonymously for our ‘Cheeky Confessions’ series.

Let me first share where this kink stemmed from so you know I didn’t just start stalking people like creeps, and I still don’t! It was a wholesome journey that I’m proud to have embarked on. I had always been one to compliment others for their fashion choices, makeup skills, etc. But that was all, my thoughts never took an erotic turn or wanted more. I assumed it to be an ordinary habit until I realized that it was much more than that. I blame the Euphoria series for planting the idea in my head - that one scene where Kat goes online and has people watch her got me hooked. I know it sounds crazy and unsafe, but I did my research and found out that Reddit could be a safe platform to try it anonymously.

At first, I simply scrolled through subreddits that allow people to post their photos for others to see. But recently, I had a video call with someone who was a gorgeous exhibitionist, like a give-and-take situation. It was the most thrilling experience ever! I just can’t deny that I'm eager to explore this side of myself further. So, if you want to join me on the kinky side of the world, here’s a rundown for you about what is considered a voyeur!

Man running

Voyeurism At A Glance

Let’s see what is voyeurism. It refers to the practice of observing someone engaging in pleasurable activities or being naked, partially naked, or getting to the edge solo or with someone, but without consent. Even though that is the definition of voyeurism, it’s obviously illegal and highly violating someone’s privacy. If you’re into that, you better lock yourself in a room or be ready for jail. What I or other people like me practice is consensual voyeurism, you know, the ethical kind. You get to enjoy all the benefits of watching someone but have their clear, willing, and enthusiastic consent beforehand. We keep it safe, sane, and consensual around here!

Bottomline- is voyeurism a crime? Yes. But can you do it legally and safely? Also, yes! You can practice it legally and consensually with someone who wants to be watched and gives you willing consent.

What Do People See In Voyeurism?

Now that you know what is voyeurism, you must be wondering what makes it so appealing to people. Well, for one, it can be a major turn-on to see someone getting it on or using a massager like Beat. Some people just get off on watching others in exciting situations like trying wax play. Others are simply curious about what goes on behind closed doors. It can be a way of exerting power or control, either over the people being watched or over one's own desires. 

Some people also find the act of voyeurism psychologically stimulating. Some can also see it as a way to live out their fantasies without actually participating in them. But again, it's all about consent! And then there are those who like being watched themselves - exhibitionism is a thing too!

Woman saying true that


Don’t Turn A Blind Eye

Of course, there are some non-negotiables of voyeurism that you should never avoid!

  • Remember, consent is like the condiment on your voyeurism sandwich - you gotta have it to make it tasty. So, make sure everyone knows what is voyeurism, consents to it, and knows what is and isn't allowed.
  • Privacy is important, especially when it comes to watching people do the deed. Unless you've got everyone’s consent to being recorded, you better leave the cameras at home.
  • Create a space where everyone involved feels comfortable speaking up if something is bothering them or if they want to change the parameters of the experience.
  • Have a safe word that everyone knows and uses if they wanna stop the ride. Like how you hope you never have to use the airbags in your car, but they're there if you need them.
  • Choose a safe and comfortable location for the activity. This can be a private home or a designated adult venue where such activities are allowed.

The Art Of Giving A Dirty Look

Here are some ways you can try your hand (and eye) at voyeurism by yourself or with your partner-


This is the act of intentionally exposing oneself. Consensual exhibitionism involves someone willingly showing their body to a willing audience.

Watching Porn

You can do this by yourself or with a partner who’s also interested in being a watcher. It can be a way to incorporate voyeuristic elements into your love life while still maintaining a consensual and safe environment, AKA not really involving other real people.

Finding Like-Minded People

You can find communities online and offline that are made up of people who understand what is voyeurism. They allow people to watch others engage in some bed-shaking activities. It's important to research such spaces beforehand to ensure that it aligns with your values and boundaries.


You can create scenarios where one partner watches or where both partners take turns watching each other. It's important to establish clear boundaries and safe words before engaging in any role-playing activities.

Mutual Masturbation

You can watch your partner touch themselves or get gagged while you choose or don’t choose to do the same to yourself. It’s a great anniversary gift for your husband if you ask me!

Just saying


If you’re into the idea of voyeurism or being watched or just want to spice up your life, give this kink a shot and you might find a new side to yourself. I mean, who knows, it can be a real eye-opener!

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