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Relaxing massage oil

Breaking Down The Ingredients In Our Glow Relaxing Massage Oil

A deep dive into all the green goodness that goes into crafting Glow Relaxing

In the crazy hustle that is life today, our bodies need all the help they can to unwind. Research has shown that massage therapy can improve general health and wellness. And a massage is incomplete without the correct massage oil. MyMuse’s Glow Relaxing massage oil is made to revitalize the senses after a long day, and is all you need to transform your bedroom into a spa.

We all have different skin types, and the market is flooded with chemical-laden self-care products. To get the most out of your next purchase, choose one that is free of chemicals, cold-pressed, and organic. Glow, relaxing massage oil is the best way to show your love for your body. Massage oils not only help your hands glide over your skin easily, but they can also provide deep hydration & lift your mood, depending on the oil you use. 

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients that combine to make Glow relaxing on the market:


Essential Oils In Our Glow Relaxing Massage Oil 


When added to massages or baths, marjoram can help soothe muscle aches and pains as well as general soreness. It’s also been shown to aid painful menstrual cramps.


Myrrh promotes skin health. Applying myrrh oil to your skin may help with wound healing and fighting germs that cause infections.


Patchouli's emotionally anchoring and balancing characteristics help to soothe emotions. Its components serve as natural sedatives, relaxing your body and giving you a better night's sleep while also soothing your mood.


A chronic stress reliever, the cedrol in cedarwood oil may have a calming impact on mood, making it useful for anxiety and stress reduction.


Frankincense aids in the prevention of premature ageing. With its potent anti-inflammatory characteristics, it is efficient at calming down breakouts. Frankincense oil repairs the epidermis and soothes irritated or damaged skin.


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Base Oils In Our Relaxing Massage Oil 


Cold-Pressed Avocado in the relaxing massage oil deeply hydrates and protects the skin. Avocados are high in natural oils, which nourish your skin. Hydrated skin is better equipped to avoid acne and wrinkles, while also giving your skin an irresistible glow.


Our relaxing massage oil contains jojoba, which moisturizes and promotes smooth skin. Jojoba  is widely used to treat back acne and eczema due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

These are just some of the benefits of the oils that were hand-picked to create Glow Relaxing. Trust us when we say that this is just what you need to calm and soothe your body from head to toe. No need for fancy spa treatments, MyMuse is bringing relaxation to your bedroom.

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