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An Ode to the Big "O"

Ditch your regular schedule at the bedroom door, and get ready to shake things up!

International Female Orgasm Day is just around the corner on the 8th of August. So we thought we’d pay an ode to the O, just like the Brazilian councilman who founded this day. But we can’t forget that like girls, boys also just wanna have fun– so this piece is for everyone who wants to learn more about unforgettable finales.

When it comes to orgasms, we at MyMuse strictly swear by the motto ‘come one, come all’. Having said that, we know that it’s all too easy to fall into the same-old routine to finish, whether you’re by yourself or have an extra pair of hands. And while experiencing the big-O doesn’t have to always be a goal to work towards, it’s always a good idea to mix things up. So when it comes to the bed (or wherever you’re getting busy), maybe sack your structured schedule to keep it fun and frisky. Here are some tips for paving new pathways to pleasure:


The More the Merrier

No, we’re not suggesting you sign up for an orgy during a pandemic, we’re talking about multiple orgasms. And guess what? It doesn’t matter if you climax with a clit, vulva, penis or anything in between. You can multiply your orgasms as long as you give it time and patience.

Yes, Men too!

Thanks to that not-so-welcome refractory period, it tends to be a little trickier for the penis-owning population to achieve multiple orgasms. But with just a little bit of practice and more masturbation (no kidding), men can experience repeated pleasure too. While it's physically impossible for most men to have multiple ejaculatory orgasms with no refractory period, they can climax several times in a row if they don’t release any semen.

This is achieved through a technique called non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm, or NEMO, which recommends strengthening your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises. Other techniques popularised by the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man include suppressing ejaculation while masturbating, and most importantly concentrating on your breathing. TLDR: It’s all about delaying gratification by having mini-orgasms on the way.

Tips for your Bits

Even though vulva-owners climaxing multiple times like a Marvel movie isn’t breaking news, we thought we’d leave a few pointers for the ladies in preparation of International Female Orgasm Day:

- After your first orgasm, switch your attention to stimulate another area if the first is too sensitive. If not, go back for seconds or even thirds.
- Engage your pelvic floor and work your Kegels on the regular, as well as during sex.
- Focus on your breathing. Many people tend to hold their breath while working their way to orgasm but concentrating on it like during yoga is what helps. “For some, breath work is key to multiples,” says sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly.
- Try a new toy. Adding a toy to your sensory play is guaranteed to help with multiple O’s, because toys today come at various speeds. Toys can also be helpful for your partner who might want to switch up how they pleasure you.

Set and Setting

Just like a psychedelic trip, context and environment play an integral role when it comes to experiencing an orgasm. And with the right place at the right time, a climax can be as enlightening as a ceremony with a shaman. Don’t wait for a weekend getaway or spa-holiday to put you in the mood. Transform your bedroom to a luxurious hotel room by setting the mood with some candles and giving your partner a massage. 

"Activating all your senses will supercharge your body and take your orgasm to the next level, whether you’re by yourself or with a special someone.”


Ass You Like It

For anyone who has given a convenient rain-check to anal sex - remember that this is something that unites the sexes, and can be enjoyed by anyone who has a butt. These orgasms aren’t like your ejaculatory ones, they tend to be all-consuming and radiate through your entire body leaving you feeling knackered in all the right ways. Like many, if you’re not too sure about the whole thing, think about simple stuff: Talk to your partner or check in with yourself to put butt play on the table. Starting with loads of lube, teasing and what feels right. Who knows what you might enjoy?



** This article was written by MyMuse team member, Nazma Kazani. If you have a perspective you'd like to share, get in touch with us on

While our contributors do research a great deal to give you up to date and relevant content, this is basis publicly available information. Our contributors are not doctors or healthcare service providers and our content does not constitute or act as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis under applicable laws. All suggestions, advice, points of view etc., are meant for adults in the privacy of their own homes.

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