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8 Sex Myths Your Indian Mother Still Wants You To Believe

Just because your mother believes in these 8 sex myths doesn't mean they're true. You might receive a flying chappal for saying so but that’s a risk you gotta take!

It’s high time we got ready to dive into a topic that might make your Indian mother raise her eyebrows and yell, “aisi soch rakhoge toh phone jala dungi!” Today, we’re gonna bust some sex myths she desperately wants you to believe. So, let's get started on this spicy, myth-busting adventure that will leave you saying, "Maa, you've got some explaining to do!"

Disclaimer: No Indian mothers were harmed in the making of this article. In fact, we hope they'll join us in embracing the wonders of accurate sex education and celebrating the liberation it brings.

Sex Myth #1: Parents Don't Do It 

Let's just say they're not always watching TV or having important talks in there! No matter how innocent your parents try to act, they are still human. So, don't be fooled by their pious faces. They've got a spicy side too!

A couple staring

Sex Myth #2: No Marriage? No Fun!

Ah, the good ol' "save yourself for marriage" advice. But it's your journey, and you have the power to make choices that feel right for you. So, get exploring by yourself or with whoever you want. Just be responsible and learn to prioritise your pleasure.

Sex Myth #3: It Takes Two to Tango

The spectrum of love & pleasure is so wide and so is the world. You can enjoy spending your life by yourself or however many people you want of any gender (consensually of course). Or if you wanna indulge in the supposedly taboo territories of BDSM and explore your sexual fantasies, do it proudly! Basically, if you’re going beyond the binary, even enjoying the vanilla ways of life, or using a Beat stroker, you do you!

Do your own thang

Sex Myth #4: Marital Lovin' Cures All Ailments

Some mothers believe the sex myth that once you tie the knot, all your sexual health problems disappear like poof! Sorry to burst the bubble, but there's no secret potion hidden in the sheets. Marriage doesn't magically solve everything. And in any case, marriage isn’t the answer! Seek professional help if you need it.

Sex Myth #5: Ouch, That Ain't Normal!

Contrary to what some folks think, pain or bleeding during sex isn't a secret initiation ritual. Nope, not normal! If your body is trying to send you an S.O.S., pay attention! Communicate with your partner and don't hesitate to consult a medical expert. Your pleasure should never come at the cost of discomfort.

Sex Myth #6: Supermoms And Non-Existent Libido

Many Indian mothers believe that their kids are more important than their own happiness. But having kids doesn't zap away your libido. Sure, motherhood brings its own challenges, but pleasure should never be put on the back burner. It's perfectly okay for moms to prioritise their own satisfaction.

Sex Myth #7: Men Have An Insatiable Hunger

Newsflash: men are not ravenous creatures with insatiable appetites. Indian mamas believe that you gotta put it out as an anniversary gift for your husband. They have desires but they're also emotional beings. Just like anyone else, their libido can ebb and flow. Open communication and prioritising your pleasure are super important. So, let's ditch such sex myths about stereotypes and create a space where everyone's needs matter.

Sex Myth #8: It’s All About Digging

Penetration isn’t the definition of getting frisky in bed. There's a whole world of pleasure waiting to be explored and all of those activities are about pleasure. So, don't limit yourself to the idea that it's all about penetration. Get creative and unleash your pleasure potential!

The limit does not exist


So, the next time your dear Indian mother innocently suggests that drinking milk with saffron will magically transform you into a Casanova or broken hymen is shameful, politely remind her that there's no scientific evidence to support such claims. Remember, just because your mother believes in these myths doesn't mean they hold any truth. You might receive a flying chappal but that’s a risk you gotta take!

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