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5 Signs Your Boo Likes Booing & Has Passive Aggressive Behavior

Is your boo a secret booer? Watch out for these 5 tell-tale signs of passive aggressive behaviour and save yourself from the drama. Read on!

Are you stuck in a spooky love triangle between you, your boo and their booing habits? If the ghosts of passive-aggressive behaviour are haunting your relationship, it's time to call the love busters and exorcise that ghastly attitude! In this article, we'll unearth 5 signs that your boo loves booing you more than smooching, and has a penchant for the passive-aggressive lifestyle. So, buckle up and get ready for a ride through the corridors of passive aggressive castle that you partner is building brick by brick to hold you hostage. We are going to unravel the signs to determine whether your romance is safe from a sad demise of passive aggressive behaviour.

Passive Aggressive Signs To Look Out For

Sign #1: Silent Treatment

When your partner's words abruptly vanish while they are physically present with you, you're faced with the unnerving reality of the silent treatment. This invisible arrow is often the weapon of choice for someone with passive-aggressive tendencies, as it allows them to shroud themselves behind an enigma while unsettling you with their quiet and distant nature.

The silent treatment is akin to a game of emotional chess, where your partner opts to retreat behind a shield of silence rather than articulate their emotions. As you attempt to navigate the labyrinth of confusion even after they move on and act like it was nothing, you brace yourself to evade the next disconcerting episode to survive the relationship.

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Sign #2: Sarcasm

When your partner starts to spout words with sarcasm that cuts at your emotions like a scalpel, take heed! You've stumbled upon the clever phantom of passive-aggressive behaviour. Sarcasm is a sly method for your partner to communicate their dissatisfaction while camouflaging their genuine emotions under a veil of jest.

This form of verbal conversation uses double-edged remarks to prod at your susceptibilities. Yet the moment you scrutinize your partner’s motive, their sarcastic nature quickly withdraws, aware that they’ve made their point. And if you dare to highlight it, they simply dismiss it as a joke, insinuating that you are overly sensitive. Highly deceptive I tell you. HIGHLY!

Sign #3: Procrastination

When your significant other begins to loiter like a ship lost at sea, you might be encountering the passive aggressive waters of procrastination. When your partner gets crafty with their passive aggressive behaviour, they flourish by deferring tasks, postponing decisions, spending time with you and leaving responsibilities to gather dust like relics in an ancient tomb until you get them done.
Captains of procrastination avoid conflict by deferring actions that might incite a response. You will unknowingly also start putting your life on hold and focusing entirely on getting out of the rut. It's as though you and your partner are trapped in a perpetual loop and fight of "later vs. now" This not only breeds frustration but also impedes progress for those in relationships.

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Sign #4: Backhanded Compliments

Compliments by your boo leave you feeling as unsettled as a fish out of the water? You might be grappling with their duplicitous backhanded compliments. Your partner’s passive-aggressive behaviour dishes out admiration laced with concealed criticism, leaving you with an unpleasant feeling that's difficult to digest. “You’ve dressed better than your usual homeless look”, “this pasta tastes good but nothing compared to my ex’s,”, “I can make this better but you did a good job, I guess.”

The backhanded compliment is a chameleon, appearing as warm words but delivering a covert punch. It's akin to being handed a beautifully wrapped gift, only to discover it's empty or damaged. The real purpose for your partner to make these compliments is to subtly erode your self-assurance while sustaining a facade of benevolence. Ghastly, right?

Sign #5: Denial of Feelings

When your significant other transforms into an emotional con artist, shifting their true feelings from showing them to you truly. This directly translates to you witnessing the intricate ballet of denial my friend. This passive-aggressive behaviour is about evading true emotional disclosure, leaving you to find your way out of a shattered maze of perplexing feelings and ambiguous signals.

The denial of emotions is akin to being caught in a funhouse of illusions, where every image seems distorted and nothing is as it seems. Your partner may assert that "everything's fine" while their nonverbal cues communicate the contrary. Or they might brush aside your concerns with indifference, only to later erupt like a volcano. Truly one of the absolute worst things to be faced with. Speaking from experience, unfortunately, 😔.

Pedro Pascal laughing then crying


Once you've identified these numerous passive aggressive animals lurking in the corridors of your relationship, it's time to banish them for good. Regaining control of your situation is essential to restoring harmony. Now, sometimes you may find yourself longing to go back to your partner despite them exhibiting such behaviour. In such cases, remind yourself that there are many rejuvenating devices that can take such feelings away. One such device is the divine Pulse massager and one zap from it can do the trick. Our full-body massager Pulse will keep you company as you enjoy singlehood and throw some tomatoes back at your booing boo!

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