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5 Reasons Why Getting It On Is Great Even On Your Period

Because life is too short to not have sex for a week every month. Go with the flow and see what you find. 

You didn’t read the title wrong. Your period no longer needs to be a natural disaster where you’re curled up in a ball with a hot water bottle. The truth is that sex on your period has the potential to be pretty effing great, in more ways than one. Besides the extra lubrication, it has the potential to shorten your period and help with those mind-numbing cramps. If you’re still on the fence, here’s a list of benefits that getting it on during that time of the month can deliver.

Orgasms = Endorphins

Sex can be a powerful pain reliever for those terrible cramps. Whenever you have an orgasm, your pelvic muscles contract and release, which in turn reduces the pain around your pelvic region. Engaging in foreplay and sex releases chemicals like endorphins which may ease your pain and boost your mood—a big plus if you’re feeling crappy. 

In case you want to know more about some toe-curling orgasms, we wrote about that here: Do Orgasms Really Matter?

Period sex leads to heightened sexual arousal

Some people also feel particularly horny during their period but tend to refrain from getting it on. More circulation of blood down there may make you more sensitive and more engorged. And stimulating those sensitive nerve endings can heighten sexual arousal. If you’re feeling hesitant to get going, try starting things off with Glow Arousing. Using an aromatic massage oil will relax your body and get you in the mood to get it on.

…Who doesn’t love a little more lubrication down there?

Period sex may feel even better than usual, since you don’t need to worry about dryness. It can feel damn incredible for both the partners because it makes things naturally slippery and wet. And once you get past the thought of period sex being “eww”, start thinking of the benefit of not needing lube.

"More comfort around messiness can break down barriers to sexual enjoyment," says Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and certified sex therapist in Los Angeles. "Studies have shown that people who have higher arousal are less grossed out by bodily fluids and ‘messy period sex.’”

Shorter Periods

No jokes. Having period sex, under all probabilities can possibly shorten your periods. This is because orgasms cause the uterus to contract, speeding up the shedding of the lining. And this eventually leads to fewer bloody days.

Glow With The Flow

“Not everyone is into period sex, but that doesn't mean you have to eliminate sex altogether,” says Costa. “There are plenty of other ways to seek pleasure with one another that don‘t have to do with [actual intercourse].” Get out some Glow Arousing to experiment with some less obvious erogenous zones. We‘re talking ears, hands, stomach—even the bottoms of the feet. A sensual massage with an aromatic massage oil can really be as good as a 69 sesh.


Bodies are messy and it's time that we start embracing that. If you haven't tried it, you just might find that you really like it. For many couples who haven't tried period sex, giving it a go can be an exciting chance to overcome a fear of the unknown. Who knows? You just might love it. And if not, you never have to do it again.

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