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5 Casual Date Outfits To Go Back to IRL Dating

Going on a date is always a special experience. From imagining what the interaction will be like, to getting dressed up, to finally meeting your date– it’s all a thrill. But after so much time on Zoom meet-ups and Bumble chats, it can be a little stressful to go back to IRL dating. That’s why we’re big proponents of dipping your toe back into the dating pool, little by little. From coffee dates, to group dates, to taking a stroll down the seafront– these types of easy settings can help ease you back into the world of dating. And of course, it only helps to have the perfect outfit to go along with it.

They say the clothes we wear have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves, which of course impacts how successful your date is going to be. The best casual date outfits make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and like your most authentic self. Rather than agonizing over the perpetual question of "what to wear?", we’ve got you covered with ideas for 5 casual date outfit ideas perfect for IRL dating:

Go Simple 

The quintessential casual date outfit is a classic T-shirt and jeans. Throw on some fun accessories or your favourite pair of sneakers to add some personality, yet keep a relaxed vibe. You don't need to go overboard with accessorizing if you have a tee that does the talking– wearing a fun printed tee or crop top can add all the zing you need to your casual date outfit.

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Go for an After-Work Look

If you have a date planned after work, you may not have much time to change. A shirt dress is a fail-safe casual date outfit choice for women. You can make a quick switch from flats to kitten heels, to give you a slightly dressier vibe if you want. For guys, a simple roll up of your sleeves is usually enough to do the trick ;)

 Go Black

There are few outfit choices that are perfect for all seasons, and an all-black look is one of them. If you want to be yourself but at your best, a little black dress or simple black night tee is a no-brainer. This is an elegant but easy casual date outfit that you can’t go wrong with.

Go for Athleisure

Are you and your new beau planning a fun-filled day together that’ll keep you on your feet? Breakfast, coffee, art gallery visits, followed by a long walk, perhaps? In this scenario, you’ve gotta keep your look fuss-free and ready to move! Athleisure is considered a legit casual date outfit these days. Sweatpants, sneakers and tees can all be dressed up or down the way you like, giving you a playful, fun look.

Go Minimal

If you want to show your simple and charming side, try donning a cute crop top or printed tee with a jacket thrown over it. A statement watch or accessories can add a nice touch, while still keeping your look minimal. Pair it with white sneakers to reflect how effortless you are, and get ready for your boo to fall head over heels for your vibe!

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