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5 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend Who Hates Jewelry

Out of birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend? Well, worry no more for we have compiled some of the best ways to surprise her on her special day.

Buying memorable gifts for your girlfriend can be a great romantic gesture to get you into her good books. Now, gifting may be a significantly quick way to her heart, but finding the right gift that speaks to her desires & interests at the same time can be equally vexing. But you gotta remember that birthdays are the ideal time to pull out all the stops and make her feel extra special. So, we have compiled some of the best birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. Thank us later!

A Wise Choice

Spending steamy alone time while missing your boo can be extremely challenging, no matter what your gender is! So, imagine how amazingly delightful it would be when you present your girlfriend with a gift that helps ease this challenge for her on those lonely days (and nights). Be smart and get her The Flying Solo Kit and receive a lot of hugs and kisses, even on a day that’s supposed to be all about her.

The Champion Of All Lost Hearts

Heat-seeking missiles rarely misses their targets. Similarly, there is almost zero per cent chance for your girlfriend to hate a bouquet of her favourite flowers that you have carefully chosen for her just the way she likes it. Add a thoughtful message with a card in the bouquet that expresses your love and appreciation for her and you’ve got yourself a winner. Unless you don’t know what flowers she likes because then you are in for a world of trouble.

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A Way For You To Join Her Celebrations

How about kicking it up a notch with a gift that can potentially heat things up for the both of you? The best simple gift for your girlfriend to add to this mix is the hot touch of wax play with the Melt massage candles. The delicious candles melt into warm massage oil that can make her skin tingle with excitement. Garnish with the Wink eye mask and you have got yourself a lip-smacking spicy combination.

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Lending Her A Helping Hand

Not literally, no, but you can definitely lend a helping hand to your lady love by giving her an expertly designed planner. They can help her in sorting her daily or quarterly tasks into manageable chunks. It will be a unique birthday gift for your girlfriend that she will deeply appreciate as it shows that you care for the goals and aspirations she has.

A stressed woman covered in notes eating notes

Baby’s Day Out

If you have exhausted all your options, then it's time to pull the big guns out, my friend. Go all out with an elaborately planned day that is catered to take care of your girlfriend in every way she likes. There are a wide variety of choices to pick from- taking a trip together, having an outdoor picnic in her favourite spot, a beach day, a road trip, a shopping spree, etc. The options are limitless and there is hardly any way to botch it as long as you are making sure to cater to what your significant other cares for.

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