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4 Ways Massages Help Reduce Anxiety

4 Ways Massages Help Reduce Anxiety

In addition to its calming effects, find out how our Glow Relaxing can help alleviate some symptoms of anxiety.

Living with anxiety can seem like being followed by a voice. So much so that it can become the loudest voice in the room– the only one you can hear. Today, almost all of us are juggling the combined strain of work and home, which becomes even more overwhelming at a time of crisis. All we wish for on such days, is a full-body massage, a weekend long slumber and a trip to the relaxing beaches of Goa.

There are a plethora of anxiety management techniques touted, from guided meditation to HIIT exercise. But at night when you need to get rid of the stress from a difficult day, what else is better than your partner’s fingers kneading your skin, helping you destress and feel rejuvenated? Read on for how to reduce anxiety with massages:

It’s All Scientific

The best way to lower your stress and reduce anxiety levels is to relax. And one of the best ways to let your body relax is with the help of a massage. Massage strokes break down and smoothen your knotted muscles, resulting in a more flexible and relaxed body. But how? Here lies the simple science: massaging gently helps in reducing cortisol levels in your body, the stress hormone which leads to increased weight. It also increases oxytocin, a hormone involved with feelings of affection and bonding.

Two Birds, One Stone

Stress and anxiety are a match made in heaven. Bid goodbye to this lethal combo with a relaxing massage oil and weekly massage date. Massages increase oxytocin and endorphins levels, which considerably reduce stress. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain. 

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Your Cup Of Care!

Massages work to lower your blood pressure, ease headaches, upsurge blood flow and help you get your beauty sleep. Use our top pick, Glow Relaxing, to tackle and reduce all your anxiety woes. Just a few drops of this relaxing massage oil and you’ll be transported to your happy place. Remember, the lower your blood pressure levels, the lower your anxiety. And it's not just about internal care, massages help boost your immune system to fight off annoying seasonal infections too.

Fringe Benefits

Touch is mutually beneficial to reduce anxiety. While massaging with your fingertips, you can’t touch one’s skin without being touched back. And this is exactly how both parties receive the same cortisol-reducing effects of touch. So, not only are you feeling connected but your body is also releasing a slew of amazing, feel-good neurohormones in the process.

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